13-Year-Old Girl Dies of ‘Severe Allergic Reaction’ After Accidentally Eating an Unsafe Dessert

13-Year-Old Girl Dies of 'Severe Allergic Reaction' After Accidentally Eating an Unsafe Dessert

Reese Langer
Reese Langer
| Credit: ReeseStrong/Facebook

A 13-year-old girl in Idaho died of a “severe allergic reaction” after she accidentally ate a dessert at a cheerleading banquet that contained allergens, her family said.

But on May 16, “Reese ate a dessert that she thought was safe” at a cheerleading event and had a “severe allergic reaction.” She died four days later.

Her family said that Langer, who was a “proud cheerleader” at Idaho Cheer and enjoyed camping, swimming, skiing and volunteering with her mom, will be remembered for “her sweet spirit, pure heart and infectious smile.”

The Langers are raising money in Reese’s honor on GoFundMe to purchase EpiPens for others with allergies, and they noted that it now costs $669.82 for a two-pack of the life-saving medication without insurance.

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The family said that Langer “would want us all to know that life is short – live fully, be kind, love hard and always give with all of your heart.”

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